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Professional Ceramic Coating North York

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Up to 10 years of Durability & Protection
Receive up to 10 years of performance and protection with the installation of System X Ceramic Coating.
Lifetime Warranty Available
System X Ceramic Coating offers a comprehensive lifetime warranty with its flagship coating.
A paint with a freshly waxed look all the time
Get ludicrously more gloss than with wax and keep your car looking shiny, clean and brand new for months in between washes.
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#1 Professional Car Coating In North York

Carnauba waxes, which we­re once the pre­ferred choice for prote­cting paint, now belong to a bygone era. The­ industry has embraced the re­volutionary ceramic coatings because of their superior longe­vity and protection. These innovative coatings offe­r not just a few months but years of unwavering protection, accompanie­d by unparalleled protection.

At Romeo's Car Detailing we go above and beyond to e­nsure comprehensive­ protection for your vehicle. As part of our commitme­nt, we provide System X Ceramic Coatings and IGL car coatings. These advanced products offer the leading car coating capabilities in North York.

Car coating being installed on a car

System X Ceramic Coating

System X® introduces a revolution in paint protection in North York with its professional ceramic coatings. With this advanced technology, a new, enhanced layer is bonded at the molecular level to your vehicle's paintwork. The result is a solid, high-gloss shell that far surpasses the resilience and gloss of waxes or sealants.

This fortified clear coat doesn't just outshine the original—it also adds a superior level of resistance against chemicals. It provides a formidable line of defense against common hazards such as minor scratches, swirl marks, acid rain, bird droppings, and damaging UV rays.

What sets System X® Ceramic Protection apart is its unique formula designed to preserve your vehicle's aesthetic appeal over the long term. Its ultra-slick properties mean that any contaminants simply slide off, rather than sticking and causing damage. The outcome is a striking reduction in the time and cost associated with regular car care and maintenance, making it an astute investment for any car owner in North York.

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